Apple Pie Cauli Oats

Cauli oats are MY LIFEBLOOD in prep right now. The bowl is giant, filling up even my ravenous tummy on my super low carb days.

In fact, speaking of low carb days, out of ALL the cauli oats variations I have (blueberry, lemon blueberry, carrot cake, etc) THIS is the lowest carb one I’ve come up with, so I always have this flavor on low carb days & rotate through the others the rest of the week.

Seriously I have some form of this for breakfast every morning.

If you’re confused about any steps, I posted a youtube video showing how I make the carrot cake version. (Skip to 2:10 for JUST the oats if you don’t want to watch the rest!) The steps are exactly the same, except for this version there’s no carrot.

Final note before the recipe: please don’t forget to add sweetener or spices.

If you don’t add either it will be bland & tasteless.

Apple Pie Cauli Oats

Recipe by EmyogifitCourse: Breakfast, Prep Essentials, Recipes


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  • 1 packet @betteroats Apple Cinnamon 100 calorie packet

  • 160g frozen cauliflower rice

  • Lots of cinnamon, use your heart here

  • 1/2 tsp caramel extract

  • 200g water

  • @skinnymixes skinny syrup to taste about 40-60g

  • 200g egg whites, really you can do any amount you want here, but anything below 100g is not as creamy

  • Nut butter~ This one has 28g Big apple from @americandreamnutbutter

  • More cinnamon

  • Walden farms pancake syrup


  • Microwave your frozen cauliflower you for 60-90 seconds
  • Please oh packet in a small pot with cauliflower, 40 to 60 g skinny syrup, caramel extract, cinnamon and just enough water to cover the oats
  • Using a whisk, heat on the stove top, stirring continuously until the oats have a thickened
  • Add your egg whites
  • Stir continuously to avoid clumps and cook until thickened again
  • Place in another bowl and add your toppings

I’ve never found the Apple Cinnamon Better Oats in store, so I always buy them on Amazon!


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