Overnight Cauli Oats

It had to be done.

After almost a full year of hot cauliflower oats with a bajillion and one variations ( Carrot Cake Cauli Oats, Apple Pie Cauli Oats, Blueberry Cauli Oats, Chai Cauli Oats, Peanut Butter Cauli Oats etc etc)

I finally tested out an overnight cauli oats recipe!

But honestly guys…

As long as you microwave the cauliflower first I’m pretty sure you could just toss it in with your favorite overnight oat recipe!

Overnight oats are one of those foolproof recipes. Chuck some things in a jar and let it sit overnight. Can’t go too wrong there!

I love adding chia seeds to overnight oats because they are full of Omega 3s and expand to help thicken up the oats even more.

I’ve also experimented with different types of protein powder. You can use whatever kind of protein powder you want, but I think vegan protein will create a thicker result–if thick oats are your thing of course!

I made a Reel with the recipe, hope it’s fun to watch!

Overnight Cauli Oats

Recipe by EmyogifitCourse: Breakfast, Meal Preps, Recipes


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 8oz Greek Yogurt

  • 20g plain quick oats

  • 50g frozen cauli rice

  • 6g chia seeds

  • 4g sugar free hello cheesecake pudding mix

  • 10-20g protein powder

  • 10-20g @skinnymixes

  • Water

  • Cinnamon and vanilla to taste


  • Microwave your frozen cauli rice to cook/soften
  • Add all the ingredients to a jar/bowl and add just enough water to help mix it more
  • Place in the fridge overnight and eat the next morning or within a few days


  • NUTRITION 284 cal 33.8P/3.8F/29.5C

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