Blueberry Cauli Oats

If you follow along on instagram, you know I don’t go a SINGLE DAY without eating a giant bowl of cauli oats.

Not one.

But to keep flavor fatigue from setting in I rotate between several different variations of Cauli Oats.

There’s the OG (my favorite) Carrot Cake Cauli Oats.

Then the Apple Pie Cauli Oats.

I’ve got a Chai Spiced Cauli Oats (coming soon!!)

And a Lemon Blueberry Cauli Oats (pretty similar to this)

I also change up the American Dream Nut Butter that I put on top! This is my favorite small business EVER. period. And if you’d like to try them I have a discount code (emyogifit) that will save you 10% and help support my own nut butter addict status.

If you’re confused about the steps, I posted a youtube Full Day of Eating video the other week where I actually show you step by step how to make the carrot cake version of these oats. The only thing different about this blueberry version is that 1. there’s no carrots and 2. I add blue food coloring & the blueberry cobbler PB powder at the end. (The oat portion of the video starts at 2:10 if you want to skip!)

Blueberry Cauli Oats

Recipe by EmyogifitCourse: Breakfast, Prep Essentials, Recipes


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  • 1 packet cinnamon roll 100 calorie better oats, you can use any oats that you wish

  • 160g frozen cauliflower rice

  • Water- i always eyeball just enough to cover the oats

  • @skinnymixes skinny syrup (flavor of your choice) to taste i use 40-60g

  • Cake batter extract- just a dash

  • 160g egg whites

  • 10g @flavoredpbco blueberry cobbler peanut butter powder

  • 4-6 drops blue food coloring

  • Toppings
  • 50g frozen or fresh blueberries

  • 28g vegan cake pep almond butter from @americandreamnutbutter


  • Microwave your frozen cauliflower for about two minutes or until warm
  • Please oats in a small pot with cauliflower, skinny syrup, cake batter extract and just enough water to cover the oats
  • Using a whisk, he on the stove top, stirring continuously until the oats have a thickened
  • Add your egg whites
  • Stir continuously to avoid clumps and cook until thickened again. Keep cooking it, I promise you won’t scramble the eggs since you are stirring
  • If you were feeling extra like me add blue food coloring here
  • Remove from heat and stir it in the blueberry cobbler peanut butter powder
  • Place in a bowl and add your toppings


  • NUTRITION for the oats- 265 cal 27.5P/2.4F/32.2C
  • NUTRITION for bowl as pictures- 440 cal 32.8P/14.6F/45.4C

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