Spaghetti & Meatball Meal Prep

Ultimate comfort food–and it can fit into your macros!

I actually hesitated over whether or not to post this recipe.

It’s really that simple!

Except I know as a coach myself, what’s “obvious” to me isn’t obvious to tracking newbies.

So yes: You CAN still eat pasta & all your favorite foods while tracking macros/reaching your goals.

I chose to use Banza pasta–it has slightly higher protein & slightly lower carb that typical pasta. I don’t find that it tastes any different, especially with pasta sauce & parmesan on top.

But you can definitely choose to use normal pasta!

I also just used jarred tomato basil pasta sauce from the store. You can look around to find the lowest macro pasta sauce out there–there’s plenty of good options!

Finally, after reheating I topped it off with just 3-5g of parmesan cheese! You can find a reduced fat option, but honestly the calories are about the same for the full fat version!

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