Pumpkin Protein Cheesecake

Hellllooo FALL 🤩

I’m not a huge pumpkin pie girl to be honest, but pumpkin CHEESECAKE on the other hand?! Sign me up!

This is one of my favorite recipes I’ve ever created! There’s also an Oreo version too 🙂

I have a highlight on my instagram page with a visual step-by step if you need. (You’ll have to scroll back through my highlights, it’s pretty old!)

You can use these mini springform cheesecake pans, OR just make one big one.

#bakingprotip: I do recommend putting the cheesecake in a water bath while cooking to prevent more cracks from forming. I wrap the springform pan in foil to prevent water from leaking in.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to send me a message on Instagram or an email!

Pumpkin Protein Cheesecake

Recipe by EmyogifitCourse: Dessert, Prep Essentials, Recipes


Prep time


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  • 200g low fat ricotta cheese

  • 220g Fat Free Cream Cheese

  • 100ml egg whites

  • 3/4 cu stevia or other sweetener

  • 1tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

  • 60g frosted cinnamon roll @proteincookiebutter (buy on amazon)

  • 25g unflavored gelatin powder

  • 4 mini spring form cheese cake tins (amazon)


  • Preheat oven to 350, prepare your cheesecake tins. Spray with non-stick spray and wrap aluminum foil around the outside of the mini tins to keep things from leaking in and out. Then pu the ink tins in a casserole dish and add about 1 inch of water. The foil you put on the outside will help prevent the water from leaking in
  • Mix ALL ingredients together except the gelatin
  • Heat some water and pour 50ml into a bowl. Slowly add in the gelatin whisking constantly to keep it from solidifying.
  • Put batter into tins, bake the mini cheesecakes for about 30-45 minutes. You want them to be firm and just beginning to form cracks.
  • Turn off the oven, crack the door and let them sit in for another 30 minutes to further set
  • Put them in the fridge, yes you have to let them sit overnight before you can eat them🥲
  • Top with fat free Reddit whip and a dusting of cinnamon


  • NUTRITION per cheesecake- 222 calories 29P/2F/28C

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