Pumpkin Protein Cheesecake

Hellllooo FALL 🤩 I’m not a huge pumpkin pie girl to be honest, but pumpkin CHEESECAKE on the other hand?! Sign me up! This is one of my favorite recipes I’ve ever created! There’s also an Oreo version too 🙂 I have a highlight on my instagram page with a […]

Chocolate Hummus Protein Brownies

The secret ingredient to these fudgey protein brownies is chocolate hummus! I’ve tried chickpea brownies before, but it’s such a pain to blend up the chickpeas. These brownies can be made in one bowl so there’s less mess! The chocolate hummus helps keep the brownies moist without making it taste […]

Blueberry Lemon Protein Banana Bread

BOY did this smell AMAZING while baking! It’s crazy how a little lemon zest can make flavors explode! These mini banana bread loads are my favorite things to make since I like being able to eat the whole thing rather than just a tiny slice!!

White Chocolate Lemon Protein Cookies

As soon ad @laurenfitfoods posted her raspberry muffin made with ricotta cheese i knew i had the missing piece to make a moist fluffy lemon protein cookie! 🤩 And WOW these do NOT disappoint! They passed the mom and dad test and not they are all gone in 2 days!! […]

Smores Protein Banana Bread

I got my hands on @officialallamericanbutter Gimme S’mores almond butter and PH EM GEE is it addictive! So, i decided to make a s’mores version of my personal size protein banana bread! 🤓 This is a SINGLE SERVING recipe. Eat the whole thing- ENJOY IT!!! 😍

Single Serving HealthIER Brownie

So protein brownies are nice and all…. but Ive made probably a dozen variations of them over the years and they never quite capture the real brownie taste and dense texture. 😂 This recipe is made with Pillbury’s sugar free brownie mix and i tweaked the recipe to avoid using […]

40 Calorie Chocolate Protein Cookies

When @laurafitfoodie posted her mini snickerdoodle cookie recipe the other day i just KNEW i had to adapt it for a chocolate flavor! Go look on her page for the original recipe (and honestly all the best cookie/dessert ideas ever) These mini cookies are only 37 calories each WHAT?!?! So […]

Birthday Cake Protein Banana Bread

So of course i had to create a birthday cake version of the personal PB banana bread loaf! Ive made these with three different types of cake batter flavored peanut/almond butter spreads and while they ALL tasted DELICIOUS- Star berry blast from @official_allamericanbutter is the winner!