Autumn Harvest Salad

When I started flexible dieting you wouldn’t catch me DEAD eating a salad.

Because you can TRULY eat foods you love with flexible dieting. Salads are NOT required if you’re trying to “get healthy” or lose weight.

But guys…

The combo of hot chicken & hot air fried squash with sweet apple & cranberry cinnamon goat cheese is DIVINE.

You absolutely have to give it a try.

I insist.

The dressing is also super easy & macro friendly!

It’s just 15g of balsamic vinegar (2-3 carbs aka 8-12 calories), 5g of dijon mustard, & a touch of calorie free pancake syrup.

Normally dressings like ranch or blue cheese can set you back hundreds of calories & make a “healthy” salad higher calorie than the hamburger you actually WANTED to eat!

In this recipe I air fried some delicata squash. I’ve only ever found it at Trader Joes, but I *hear* you can find it at some HEBs in Texas.

If you can’t find delicata squash then grab some pre-chopped butternut squash & sauté it in a pan with some garlic, salt, & rosemary for 10-15 minutes.

You’ll want to use a BIG bowl for this too! One serving of lettuce is actually giant 🙂 Volume win!

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