Poverty Macro Shake

As I’m writing this, I am currently 3.5 weeks out from my first bodybuilding competition of the 2020 season.

I’ve been dieting FOR SO LONG AGH.

My macros/calories are pretty low right now as a result & I’ve had to get creative to find very low calorie sweet treats that tide me over from dinner to my final dessert of the night (protein fluff, always right now lol) If you’re curious about what I eat on a super duper low carb day, I actually posted a vlog on YouTube about it!

This recipe was not designed to be a meal or even super high protein.

The goal was to keep it to 100 calories or lower while still being delicious.

The secret ingredient is truly the REAL MILK.

Feel free to try milk substitutes, but I use Almond Milk for pretty much everything else all day long & it’s not as creamy.

If you live near a Kroger, they have this awesome brand of milk called “Carb Master” milk that has only 3g carbs per cup.

OTHERWISE I hear Fairlife is widely available across the country & they have an “ultra filtered” skim milk with 6g carbs per cup.

This recipe is actually 4-in-one. Swipe to see all the variations.

Some days I need a little bit more protein, other days I keep it low. It just depends on what I have left in my macros!

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