Chocolate Cake Protein Fluff

The way I’ve been making my chocolate fluff has changed a bit over the last month! I got inspired to do half cake pop protein and half chocolate and I love it! Lately I’ve been using black cocoa powder and the Oreo flavor it gives the fluff is🤤! You guys know for my stories that I make this almost every single night it’s feeling has tons of protein and the base is so low macro I get to have fun with the toppings it’s perfect for prep 🤩

Chocolate Cake Protein Fluff

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Prep time


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  • 200-250g ice cubes

  • 60g almond milk

  • 16g cake pop @pescience protein powder

  • 16g chocolate cupcake @pescience Protein powder

  • 10g @hiitnutrition black cocoa powder*

  • 8g jello chocolate sugar free pudding powder

  • Cake batter extract, a generous drizzle

  • 30g skinny syrup- flavor of choice


  • In a food processor blend ice until it reaches a snow consistency
  • Add the other ingredients. Almond milk, protein, pudding mix, cake better extract, sweetener
  • Blend it for at least three minutes total, stopping wants to scrape the sides. I do 3 to 6 minutes
  • Place in a bowl and freeze for 30 to 60 minutes
  • Add toppings just before serving ☺️


  • * black Cocoa powder is NOT the same as HersEy’s Special Dark
  • NUTRITION for base: 202 calories 26.7P/2.8F/17.4C
  • NUTRITION with toppings 467 calories 40.6P/17.1F/42.7C
    Toppings for the bowl shown… 30g love at first bite butter from @americandreamnutbutter, 10g chocolate PB2, 12g Sugar cookie toast crunch, 8g chocolate toast crunch

Using PE Science protein is really a necessity for protein fluff as the casein in the whey/casein blend helps it to fluff up. You do not need to use xanthan gum or any substitutes if you are using PE Science. 

However if you insist on using a whey protein powder, you will need to use xanthan gum (or not xanthan not guar) to help it fluff. Xanthan gum has been known to cause bloating!


I add in about 30g of Skinny Syrup. You can buy them online, on Amazon, or I recommend visiting your local Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross to get them for cheap!

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