Fluffy Pancake Hack

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon and as (not) usual i was watching Tasty cooking videos 🤫and i saw a recipe for those super fluffy Japanese pancakes and thought huh, I bet i could replicate the fluffiness with whipped egg whites too! Sure enough this is an EPIC volume hack for protein or normal pancakes

Fluffy Pancake Hack

Recipe by EmyogifitCourse: Breakfast, Recipes


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 37g @pamcakespancakes buttermilk protein pancake mix

  • 46g egg whites

  • 10g nestle mini chocolate chips

  • Water


  • Using an electric mixer, whip your egg whites until they form fluffy peaks, i was aiming for stiff peaks, but got impatient after 5 minutes or so and you can see the last pictures I need up with softer peaks but even when i held the whisk upside down it didnt fall!
  • Measure out your pancake mix into a separate bowl and pour a small amount of water in it so that you can JUST mix them. I used 25ml of water and then mixed, it was VERY thick.
  • Gently fold in the beaten egg whites until combined. Do this with a spoon so you don’t over mix.
  • Add your chocolate chips here, reserving a few to top your pancakes
  • Cook them in a tiny pan. I covered my baby frying pan with a lid and times it to 4 minutes when i was easily able to flip the pancakes
  • Serve with Walden Farms Pancake syrup


  • NUTRITION for whole Stack 206 calories 17.2P/7.4F/18.4C

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