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Monster Cookie Peanut Butter Banana Bread

I’ve made so many variations of this protein nut butter banana bread over the last year. I tweak the ingredients slightly each time… and they always turn out great! Here is a lemon blueberry version. A birthday cake version. A smores version. The one that “started it all” OG original. […]

Banana Protein Pancakes

What is it with people baking banana bread in quarantine? My mom and my sister make like a loaf a week! So I’ve been craving the taste of banana. Since bananas are already high carb on their own I challenge myself to come up with a banana pancake recipe that […]

Blueberry Lemon Protein Banana Bread

BOY did this smell AMAZING while baking! It’s crazy how a little lemon zest can make flavors explode! These mini banana bread loads are my favorite things to make since I like being able to eat the whole thing rather than just a tiny slice!!

Smores Protein Banana Bread

I got my hands on @officialallamericanbutter Gimme S’mores almond butter and PH EM GEE is it addictive! So, i decided to make a s’mores version of my personal size protein banana bread! 🤓 This is a SINGLE SERVING recipe. Eat the whole thing- ENJOY IT!!! 😍

Birthday Cake Protein Banana Bread

So of course i had to create a birthday cake version of the personal PB banana bread loaf! Ive made these with three different types of cake batter flavored peanut/almond butter spreads and while they ALL tasted DELICIOUS- Star berry blast from @official_allamericanbutter is the winner!

Personal Peanut Butter Protein Banana Bread

I LOVE banana bread❤️ But i hate the serving sizes of pan/loaf bakes. What do you mean i can only eat a 1 inch slice?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I want the whole thing or at least half of it! SO i generally avoid making things like banan bread or brownies…until now 😋 […]