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Low Carb Mini BBQ Pizzas

What is better than one pizza? TWO!! And for the low low macro cost of 310 calories ⁉️ Especially when its topped with BACON, chicken, BBQ sauce, onions and CHEESE😱

Everything BBQ Bowl

Probably the most “bro” meal I’ve ever made. 🤔 But its so so delicious and I LOVE how many flavors there are in it. 🤤 The combo of tomatoes and BBQ sauce is truly a match made in heaven!! And its such a flexible meal! You can add or take […]

Miracle Noodle Pad Thai

Guys! @miraclenoodle is LIFE CHANGING! I cant taste the difference between these and your typical rice noodles and these only have 10g carbs per serving!! That’s 4 calories😱 so naturally this recipe has 4 servings of pasta cause why not!