1200 calories is NOT enough

1200 calories is not enough.

Actually less than 1600 calories is not enough to eat long term.

I found out recently my recipes are being shared in a Facebook group titled “1200 calories is enough.”

… that makes me feel sick.

It’s against EVERYTHING I stand for.

I create these recipes to HELP people with dieting yes… but EVERYTHING I share on social media, EVERYTHING I do with my own clients… is to help them eat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE while dieting & then helping them to eat more food once they’ve reached their goals to maintain their results.

The thing is…

You might THINK 1200 calories is enough… because you binge eat in the evenings & on the weekends.

But the whole reason why you’re overeating… is because you’re not eating enough earlier in the day.

1200 calories is what a TODDLER needs.

Not a grown ass woman or a growing teenager.

You can and SHOULD be able to maintain your weight somewhere in the 1800-2200 calorie range.

I’ve had clients maintaining their weight loss results above 2200 calories!

I’ve had clients LOSE weight increasing calories.

And I’ve had clients BUILD their glutes & shoulders while reverse dieting

“But Em,” you say, “I’m MAINTAINING my weight on less than 1600 calories. How am I supposed to eat 2000?!

^If you’re in this category, the REASON why you’re maintaining your weight on such low calories is because of…

metabolic adaptation.

Which means your metabolism has down-regulated (slowed down) enough so that you DO maintain your weight on such little food.

Which leads to things like:

  • Brain fog
  • Feeling tired all the time (and guzzling caffeine no doubt)
  • Losing your period
  • Messing up your gut
  • Messing up your relationship with food:
    • are your social media feeds filled with food? Scrolling on pinterest for hours to find the PERFECT recipe? Are you thinking about your free/cheat meal ALL week & even planning them out in advance?
    • Overeating/binge eating behaviors
    • “Can’t control yourself” around certain foods like peanut butter, cookies, chocolate chips, cereal etc

^^IF ANY of these apply to you… you probably need a reverse diet.

I actually just hosted a free workshop on reverse dieting. If you’d like to watch the recording you can click here

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