Microwave Egg White Oats

You guys know I love my cauli oats. But when I’m in off season I’m just not patient or hungry enough to make such a big voluminous bowl of oats!

Enter microwave egg white oats.

They take 3 minutes or less to whip up & you can even make these in a hotel room while on vacation if you need!

The best part: the whole bowl is under 300 calories meaning there’s lots of room left for toppings!

My favorite topping to use is of course some American Dream Nut Butter. Chipwrecked is my favorite for these oats. (discount code: emyogifit)

The trick is to not over-microwave your oats. Seriously I’ve seen some NASTY looking bowls of egg white oats out there on the internet. It should NOT look clumpy or totally solid. Just thickened a bit, but still creamy.

Otherwise it’ll taste like eggs lol.

Please don’t skip out on the sweetener either!

My favorite flavors of skinny mixes to use with oats are marshmallow, cinnamon roll, & caramel creme cheesecake. If you grab some of these online you can use my discount code: “emyogifit” You can also find them at stores like Ross/TJ Maxx/Home Goods etc.

I even eat these for dessert sometimes!

Question: Hey Em, why don’t you add protein powder to your oats?

Answer: You don’t really need it since the egg whites add more protein! if you top it with peanut butter this breakfast will easily be over 20g of protein!

Microwave Egg White Oats

Recipe by Emyogifit


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 2 packets Cinnamon Roll 100 calorie packs from Better Oats

  • 30-40g skinny syrup

  • 100g egg whites

  • water


  • Add the oats, skinny syrup, & enough water to a bowl to cover the oats
  • Microwave for 1 minute
  • Stir & then add your egg whites.
  • Microwave at 50% power for 1:30-2:00, stirring every 30 seconds. Your oats are finished when they are no longer totally liquid & have thickened a bit, but are NOT totally solid.

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